Hey beautiful people.

If you were to tell me years back I would start wearing red, I would have given you the side eye. Now look at me rocking red :). Don’t get me all wrong. It is not an ugly colour, in the contrary it is a colour that symbolizes Passion, determination, desire and love. I mean who wouldn’t want to wear that.

Winniethefashionista and I were excited to Partner with Moksh at the Village Market. Their pieces are made in Kenya. Tried on their ruffle dress in red which I found classy, elegant and low key sexy, plus the champagne see through dress that I wore with a slip inside. Now this is not an everyday outfit but a look that screams “Take me to the red carpet to go take a pic with Rihanna” hehe. But I mean every out fit from Moksh has it’s own unique design.

See how I styled the outfits. Enjoy!




IMG_5198 (1)



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