Happy Monday everyone. So I decided to do the street style which I have been trying of late. Fashion is all about exploring new styles and see whether it fits you or not. I have been loving the street style so I decided to try this simple look and see whether indeed you agree with me.

I love the culotte simply because of the color. Peach has been my new burgundy of late and I cannot get enough of it. The color brings out the feminine touch to the outfit. The design itself is unique and love how the two visible button completes the finishing. As for the belt that comes along with it, you can get to play around with it by tying it however you want.


  • Hanging out with friends and shopping.
  • To events. You can do without the top and wear it with a bralette instead with the plimsolls.
  • Night Out. This is simple. Just change from your flat shoes to your heels and you are good to go. 🙂

Let me know what you think of this simple style. Comment and like. Enjoy!

DSC_0055 (o)

DSC_0048 (o)

DSC_0047 (o)

DSC_0024 (o)

DSC_0049 (o)


  • Culotte- Budget Closet

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