It has been a minute, innit? Let’s talk about our hair with this harsh weather. I mean what to do with our hair, how to maintain it, what products to use and what styles to do during this cold season. Honestly it can be stressful at times. But this is the time we get to revamp our hairstyle by wearing  different types of wigs which I think is the best invention when it comes to hair plus it is fun to change wigs from time to time. It kind of reminds me of femme fatale movies. Although it is not about ‘just’ wearing the wig because it is cold but ensuring the wig looks real and attractive. It does not matter whether the hair is semi human or human. keeping it realistic makes it attractive which draws attention and also gives one confidence.

Our creativity  has to kick in every morning when styling the wig which is challenging but fun. Here is a few tips on how to protect  your wigs and why wear them.


Protecting The Wig

Protecting your wig should be very important. Just as our natural hair needs moisturizing, our wigs especially human wigs which you have invested in needs to be moisturized to avoid getting brittle. A perfect conditioner would do the magic. I personally love using L’Oreal conditioner on both my natural hair and wig which prevents  breakage and other damages.

Wearing hats/Berets

Berets Are Taking Over! Let Bonang Matheba, Simi And Finding Paola Inspire You With Chic Beret Styling Options - Style Rave

Be sure to wear a hat or beret which I prefer when heading out but this is only necessary when it is too windy or drizzling. Otherwise it becomes difficult brushing the hair.

Using The Right Comb

comb 2

I call this the magic comb. How it is able to keep the hair free from tangles is magic to me. Otherwise this is another way to keep the wig protected. Ladies please avoid pulling your hair or using harsh brush for the sake of rushing to work or whatever it is that is important than making sure you your wig is well protected. I know a wig is meant to be easy to wear and go but then again we need to look attractive and put together before walking out the house.



Do I need to write this? I mean wigs are very convenient, It cuts down cost of going to the salon once you invest on a good wig , It protects your natural hair which gives you room to play around with it in terms of length and dying the hair and you can try different styles plus it keeps you warm underneath, the more reason for wearing it in this cold weather.

There you have it. It is going to be a long three months of this cold weather so simply ‘Wig It’.



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