Hey loves. So I wrote on my previous blog that i spend almost 90% of my time at work meaning I have to dress official or smart casual. So this is a lookbook that goes to ladies out there who have just started working in an office and don’t know where to start especially from Monday to Friday. I hope you enjoy and get a rough idea on what to be wearing. Cheers.


Red mermaid Skirt + white top

I like to have that power dressing on Mondays because this is the only day of the week one feels hangover from the weekend so I like to feel bad ass so that it motivates me the rest of the day.



DSC_0071 (fINAL

Floral is a must in your wardrobe. They say let your style speak for itself. With floral I always let it speak for itself. These is by so far the best floral outfit in my wardrobe.



A midi skirt always works well for me. That is because I never prefer a mini skirt especially at work. It is decent and comfortable. So I decided to pair it here with a black turtle neck and black heels. So Just to let you in on a secret, turtle necks always gives you that bougee look. ;).


High waist wide legged pants + black body suit + Nude waterfall

black on black 2


I am in love with this wide pants from @_fashionroyals although I wish I paired it with a white blouse here but I still looked good plus black on black never disappoints. Like i said on my previous topic on palazos, they are so comfortable and never disappoint.


I never miss wearing a jumpsuit at least once in a week. Like palazos these are so easy to wear. According to me this is a wear and go outfit. You do not have to worry about what to wear on top.

Casual Friday

Jeans + Top + Blazer

This is the only day I can wear super casual and of course most companies except Banks allow a casual look on Fridays. Always go for dark jeans when at work. And you can  pair it with flat shoes just to give heels a break. With this look you are assured to go from office to having a few drinks with friends.

Statement Jewelry and Watch

Chunky necklace, earrings is a must in your wardrobe. Ladies, Kindly leave your boyfriend’s necklace at home or save it for the weekend  because it does not show any professionalism.

And of course wearing a watch. This is not a must although it makes one look serious when it comes to time keeping and for men it adds interest to an outfit.

black on black 1

Well hope you all got an idea on what to be wearing in the office for those who find it hard and confusing. Cheers and Happy Wednesday.



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